Akordu is more than a name. It is our concept. Our worldview.
It is both an entrance and an exit. Here you will find and feel our world.

In 2008

Akordu began in a retired substation,
a Taisho period brick building in Tomio, Nara city.
The classical interior featured lofted ceilings,
a fireplace for cold winters, and a shining terrace.
It was the perfect setting for our “Modern Spain” concept and trendy dishes,
treating our eager guests to a walk down Memory Lane.

In 2014

Finally succumbing to age, our original location was closed in the year 2014.
The memories remain close to our hearts.

In 2016

Akordu was reborn in 2016 in historic Nara Park, near ancient Todai-ji Temple in Suimon-cho.

It is here that we open the cover, turn to a new chapter, and continue to write the story of Akordu.

「akordu」…Memory in Basque


Human Terroir

The phrase “locally produced and locally consumed” is synonymous with Akordu.
But this concept is not simply eating food produced nearby.
Location, in and of itself is not the focal point. We carefully consider who produces our food.
The values, materials, and process behind the production of locally grown food are also important.
This is our true focus as we cook: valuing and cherishing our environment,
people, and all the components of cooking.

Local people and their produce. Pork, beef, chicken and duck. We place our confidence in producing the best.
But we strive daily to improve the quality of our craft.

Passion, kindness, professionalism and thoughtfulness.
These are the very heart of our dishes.
You can enjoy not only the finished product, but the heart and hands of the chef behind each dish.

The dedication and focus of our chefs and farmers is sure to produce dishes both beautiful and delicious. Our guests often comment on the presentation of our dishes. This is certainly due to both the quality of produce and the passion and skill of our chefs and farmers. People, fruits and vegetables, and the symphony of nature all breathe life.


Through our many wanderings,
we meet many people and connect with much of nature.
Through these encounters our hearts connect: our collective story told through a dish.

  • Hiroshi Kawashima
    - Owner Chef
  • Yuki Kawashima
    - Madam

Hiroshi Kawashima- Hiroshi Kawashima
- Owner Chef

Born Aug. 19th 1971 in Tokyo
Graduated from Osaka TSUJI Culinary Institute
Joined Tokyo Hotel Seiyo Ginza in 1999
After that worked at Restaurant Service Division, Hotel Okura Tokyo

He worked at Asao garden in Kanagawa and Kyoto Century Hotel.
Then he went to Spain to steer a new direction when he was thirty three. Starting to work at one of the best restaurants in the world, Mugaritz in Basque country, the experience he gained there influenced his career tremendously.

He opened “Akordu” with his wife Yuki who used to be a patissier and was in charge of service as a madam June 2008.
Akordu was closed due to the deterioration of a retired substation, a Taisho period building in 2014.

He used to run Abarotz in Higashi Ikoma in Nara.

Yuki Kawashima- Yuki Kawashima
- Madam

Born in Nara
Graduated from Osaka TSUJI Institute of Patisserie and Osaka TSUJI Culinary Institute.

She worked at a famous restaurant and shop such as Épouvantail and Nakatanitei in Osaka as a patissier.
She opened “Akordu” with her husband in Tomio in Nara in 2008. Since opening Akordu, she has welcome a lot of guests as a madam and gained their trusts.

Currently works as a restaurant patissier.


At Akordu we reflect on our past and step forward into the future.
A place of thought and expression without limits,
just as a small universe broadens infinitely.

  • Simple and spacious waiting room in front of a garden
  • Bright and dignified dining room
  • Futuristic kitchen behind the glass
  • Natural and modern interior
  • Two-story residence with Mt. Wakakusa in the background
  • Dream wedding in a banquet room
  • Tranquil little room for eight guests
  • Garden view salon behind a door