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We greatly value our staff. Sometimes we spend more time together at Akordu than with our actual family. Each member learns a lot, does their best and respects each other to create the best team.

We are always seeking staff to join our team to create Akordu together. The contract period of kitchen staff, service staff, sommeliers and receptionists is at least one year. The contract period of wedding planner is at least two years judging from characteristic of the occupational position.
We recommend that internship member stay more than one month to absorb as much work as possible. Please note that the foreign nationals who would like to join long-term internship program have to obtain required permission and visa.
Though no salary will be paid for the long-term internship from distant places or foreign countries, we offer dormitory and cover travel costs (transportation fees).
When the internship ends with a full-time job, salary will be paid.
We offer dormitory for long-term employees from distant places depending on their circumstances.

Nara has a lot of temples, old histories and wonderful ingredients and nature. We strongly hope that all our staff from not only our country but also various countries are engaged in restaurant business and learn in such an attractive environment.

For job or internship applicant Please write the following items and send us (mail@akordu.com) or access here (https://jp.stanby.com/ats/akordu/jobs) and fill out the form.

  1. 【1】Please choose type of work (For job applicant)
    • Kitchen staff、Service staff、Sommeliers / Sommeliers、Receptionists、Wedding planners、Management staff
  2. 【2】Please choose type of work (For internship applicant)
    • Kitchen staff、Service staff、Sommeliers / Sommeliers
  3. 【3】Name、Nationality、Address、Age、Sex、Career and educational background、Mobile phone、E-Mail
  4. 【4】Available date to start
  5. 【5】Available work period
  6. 【6】Language skills
    Please describe your language proficiency.
    • Japanese
    • English     
    • Others *** 
  7. 【7】Workplace
    • akordu
    • Donostia